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Hanging Banner Display

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    Hanging Banner 10x 3.5 ft Hanging Banner 10x 3.5 ft

    Hanging Banner 10x 3.5 ft

    Product Overview: The One Choice Hanging Banner is a must have at your next trade show. These extra large hanging banners are produced from high quality fabric and enable you to be seen from practically anywhere at your trade show. This particular model...

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Fabric Banners & Custom Printing Powered by Logo Infusion

With a custom fabric or cloth hanging banner, you can draw attention to your booth, highlight your unique value proposition (UVP), and transcend your competition. This is vital when conducting face-to-face, or experiential, marketing campaigns.

At tradeshows, expositions, and exhibitions, you must be able to capture your target audience’s attention amongst a sea of competing ads and announcements. Doing so frees your marketing, sales, or recruiting team from chasing leads around the convention center.

Instead, it empowers them to focus on conversions — whether that means lead generation, sales, or talent acquisition. Fortunately, you can facilitate that empowerment with Infusion Displays powered by Logo Infusion.

Custom Fabric Banners & Cloth Banner Printing Online

There are several strategies for maximizing your reach at conventions and exhibitions. In fact, many businesses tend to find success by borrowing a bit from each to ensure they have every possibility covered.

Common tactics include:

Custom Hanging Fabric Banners

With hanging banners, your reach is only limited by your own imagination. As we mentioned, hanging cloth banners are ideal for placing your branding where nobody could miss it; as convention-goers move about the space, your branding hangs from the ceiling above them.

This means that they also function exceptionally well as navigational aids, perhaps even marking the location of your booth from above. Of course, they are also great for elevating any other strategy to another level.

You can tease branding, bring attention to UVPs, or even to make fan-anticipated announcements. You could even use this space to create a “game,” of sorts, for your audience, with each cloth banner flag providing clues that lead them to you and a special gift.

Fabric Hanging Banners of Many Sizes

At Logo Infusion, we offer custom cloth banners of several sizes to provide you the perfect fit for your next tradeshow appearance. Our 5′ by 2′ Circular Fabric Banner, for example, boasts a diameter of 5 feet and a display height of 24 inches.

It’s ideal for displaying your branding, your featured products, or navigational information. There is ample space, while still reducing the likelihood of blank areas in your design.

Meanwhile, our 10’ x 3.5’ Circular Cloth Banner, is 10 feet in diameter, and has a display height of 42 inches. Here, you can provide much more information, making it perfect for a multi-booth, tradeshow stand.

Print Custom Cloth Fabric Banners Online at Logo Infusion

Customized, printed fabric banners are the best way to announce the presence of your brand or business at local trade shows and conventions. Circular, hanging, fabric banners are particularly beneficial for capitalizing on space right above our heads.

If you’re looking to break into face-to-face marketing, or you’re simply reconsidering your supplier for high-quality displays, then you’re in the right place. To custom print branding, product highlights, or service reviews on an Infusion Display powered by Logo Infusion, reach out to our team today.