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Prior to submitting any Contact Forms, please refer to the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What types of jerseys does Logo Infusion offer online?

We offer four different basic categories of jerseys:

  • Stock Jerseys - Express Service - Branded Jerseys shipping in 7-10 calendar days (No Customization)
  • Stock Jerseys - Personalization - Branded Jerseys that you can add your name to the back
  • Stock Jerseys - Backgrounds - Backgrounds you can add your name to the front and back, along with adding logos to several locations
  • Custom Jerseys - One of our artwork specialists will design a jersey from your vision!

Stock Jerseys - Express Service: Don't like to wait? Then these jerseys are for you! We produce these items in just seven to ten (7-10) days, ship them to your doorstep! You can pick between Sash and Crew collars.  Shop the Stock Jerseys - Express Service HERE.

Stock Jerseys - Personalize: Our ideas brought to life! We have tailored pieces from our Stock - Backgrounds line to represent a particular bowling ball brand! These designs are custom-made to order, which allows you to apply your favorite collar type and and your name for that extra personal touch! Shop our Stock Jerseys - Personalize HERE.

Stock Jerseys - Backgrounds: Many bowlers do not want to represent any bowling brands or they might represent several brands of bowling.  This section is for you.  Be yourself.  Represent yourself or your team! You are able to select your favorite collar type, color schemes, and name addition options for the Front and Back of your jersey! Infuse your game with our Stock Jerseys - Backgrounds HERE!

Custom Jersey: Paint YOUR picture with a Custom Jersey! Jerseys in this line are customized by YOU and brought to life by our graphic arts team. Get started HERE!

What types of collars does Logo Infusion offer?

Each jersey design is offered in FOUR different styles - Polo (w/ 1/4 zipper), V-Neck, Crew-neck, & Sash (w/ 1/4 zipper).


NOTE: Sash/Polo jerseys are subject to extra charges. All Sash and Polo jerseys incorporate a 1/4'' zipper placket. 

What types of logo placements does Logo Infusion offer?

Our Custom Jersey category offers the following logo placements:


When will my order ship and how does Logo Infusion handle orders with multiple items with multiple production times?

Logo Infusion works on every order as they come in.  The only way to speed up your production time is to select an expedited production service.  For most of our jerseys (Stock-Personalize, Stock-Background, Pro-Series, Jr. Gold, SYC, USA Bowling, TNBA, and "Partners"), the standard production time is 3-4 weeks.  Although our goal is to ship your order by the 21st day (3 weeks) from you placing the order, during busier times of the year, your order will ship out closer to 28 days (4 weeks) from the order date.

If you order multiple jerseys with multiple production times, we will ship your order out in parts, based on the individual production times of each item.  For example, if you purchase a Stock-Express item with a Stock-Personalize item (with 3-4 week production), we will ship out the Express item in 7-10 days, then we will ship out the other jersey 3-4 weeks from the order date.

If you order any accessories with standard production times and a jersey with a longer production time, we will ship out all items together.  If you pay for expedited production on any item, we will honor that production time and ship out accordingly.

If you purchase any items from our OVERSTOCK category along with any other items with a production time, then we will ship everything complete in one package, based on the production time of the item that needs to be produced.

Does Logo Infusion ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to every country that accepts delivery from International Mail or FedEx.

How do I get on staff with Logo Infusion?

Resume' submissions are welcomed all year round to  Along with your bowling resume', be prepared to advise Logo Infusion how you can help promote their brand.  Being a good bowler is not enough reason to become a staff member.  Logo Infusion is looking for bowlers that are congenial on the lanes and have connections in the bowling industry to increase its sales.  Joining the Logo Infusion Team means you are an active member of the marketing team with the responsibility to increase the brands market share and visibility.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

YES!!! Please contact for pricing and terms.

Do you offer a Pro Shop Program?

YES!!! We have a program available exclusively to our Pro Shop partners! Please send the name of your business and all contact information to to get started!