What is a Tension Fabric Display?

What is a Tension Fabric Display?

Posted by Infusion Displays on 4th May 2023

Experiential marketing events are an invaluable opportunity to build lasting relationships with your ideal consumer. However, to be effective, your trade show appearance must be valuable, captivating, and memorable.

Tension fabric displays support your sales and marketing efforts by reinforcing your branding and messaging. Graphics educate potential customers — and differentiate you from competitors — through product images, features, and benefits.

In this article, the trade show booth experts at Infusion Displays cover the basics of tension fabric displays and frames. Plus, we’ll describe the different types available, and how to choose the best one for your goals.

What is a Tension Fabric Frame?

Tension fabric frames consist of lightweight aluminum poles that snap together to create a sturdy frame. The tensioned fabric graphic is then stretched over the frame and secured in place with a silicone edge that fits snugly into a channel on the frame.

This creates a smooth, seamless look that is both professional and eye-catching. Typically, the fabric is printed with custom graphics for a versatile and personalized experience.

Tension displays also maximize the mobility of your event teams by being lightweight and easy to assemble. Overall, they’re a cost-effective solution for maximizing the profitability of your next trade show or event appearance.

What are the Different Types of Tension Fabric Display?

There are several types of tension fabric displays available, including:

  • Backlit Tension Displays
  • Pop-Up Tension Displays
  • Hanging Tension Displays
  • Modular Tension Displays

Backlit Tension Displays

Backlit displays use LED lights to illuminate the fabric graphic from behind, creating a stunning, eye-catching effect.

Pop-Up Tension Displays

Pop-up displays use a collapsible frame that pops up and locks into place, making them incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble.

Hanging Tension Displays

Hanging Tension Displays are suspended from the ceiling and are a great way to grab attention from across the trade show floor.

Modular Tension Displays

Modular Tension Displays consist of multiple frames that can be connected together to create a custom display that fits your specific needs.

How Do You Choose the Best Tension Fabric Frame for Your Team?

When choosing a tension fabric frame, there are several factors to consider:

  • Size of Your Trade Show Booth
  • Shape of Your Event Display
  • The Imagery to Be Displayed
  • Accessories for Your Trade Show Booth

Size of Your Trade Show Booth

Consider the size of your booth or event space and choose a frame that fits within your space comfortably.

Shape of Your Trade Show Display

Tension fabric frames come in a variety of shapes, including curved, straight, and angled. Consider the shape that best fits your intended goals.

For example, curved displays may be more ideal for presentations. Alternatively, straight frames are often better suited for activities and games, particularly those that require scorekeeping.

The Imagery to Be Displayed

Select captivating graphics to reinforce your branding, form lasting impressions, and communicate your USP (unique selling point). Update your graphics regularly to ensure that your messaging is personalized to your target audience.

Accessories for Your Trade Show Display

Consider any accessories you may need, such as lighting or shelving, to distinguish your brand even more. Don’t forget the most important trade show accessories: branded freebies for your visitors!

Find the Best Tension Fabric Displays at Infusion Displays

Understanding the basics of tension fabric displays maximizes their effectiveness at experiential marketing events. At Infusion Displays, we offer a diverse range of tension fabric displays and frames, including backlit displays, pop-up displays, hanging displays, and modular displays.

Our frames are made from superior-quality materials and feature vibrant graphics that attract and delight. Plus, we’re always available to help you choose the best display for your specific needs.
To find the best tension display for your next trade show appearance, reach out to our team today.