3 Mandatory Trade Show Items

3 Mandatory Trade Show Items

Posted by Infusion Displays on 26th Jul 2022

Being prepped and ready for a trade show can be a daunting task. Your marketing team needs to be ready to earn the trust and interest of potential clients in mere seconds.

Drawing in a crowd is the first step, but it’s keeping them there and leaving them with an experience they won’t forget that is vital to the success of your business at an event such as this. How can you inspire people to be interested in what you’re selling or providing?

Infusion Displays both understands and values the importance of what your marketing team needs to shine at events. Our available products combined with our expertise in the field have helped hundreds of companies optimize their performance and be more memorable to consumers.

Top 3 Essential Items for Every Trade Show Packing List

In order to have success, you have to be prepared with the proper equipment. These are the absolute mandatory items that every team needs to compile for their trade show lists of things to bring.

3. A Captivating Trade Show Display

Circling back to the idea that you only have a few mere seconds to draw in someone’s attention, how your display looks is vital at a trade show. It’s important to have a trade show banner or some sort of event display that can catch someone’s eye.

This is a great way to show off your company’s logo. Don’t worry too much about filling up display items with lots of information: focus on a few phrases or sentences that can hook your targeted audience’s interest.

2. Marketing Materials: Business Cards, Branded Stationery, etc.

Once you have a potential client at your display, you have to make sure you can answer any questions they may have. This is a good opportunity to offer more in-depth information regarding your brand in some form of a packet.

This is also the time to utilize business cards or some other form of contact information. Even if you can’t gauge the person’s interest, leaving them with a way to get in touch gets your company’s name out there while offering an opportunity to connect deeper with said individual.

1. Promotional Items, “Swag,” and Loyalty Cards

Don’t let anyone walk away empty-handed! Having items like lanyards or even t-shirts is a great way to both thank someone for stopping by while continuing to promote your company.

The biggest thing with this step is making sure that you left that person with an experience they won’t forget. Everyone loves free stuff!

Find Vital Trade Show Materials at Infusion Displays

From banner displays to table throws, Infusion Displays has exactly what you need to shine at trade shows and promote your company’s service or products effectively. We offer both indoor and outdoor products, as well as an excellent spread of marketing materials ready to be utilized.
Our customer service team is on standby and ready to help your business take the next step in event marketing. For answers to any questions you may potentially have, reach out to our team today.