Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Trade Show

Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Trade Show

Posted by LogoInfusion on 8th Jul 2022

The preparation for your first event can certainly be a bit stressful. It’s more than just your setup that needs to be planned ahead of time.

Going to a trade show is one thing, but you also want to have a lot of success upon arrival. Whether you’re trying to sell a service or product, or maybe just show off items, heading into an event with a solid game plan is an absolute must.

Infusion Displays can help with making sure your company has good marketing materials so you can focus on your clientele. We want to see your business have success at events, so we make sure to incorporate your logo or brand into items such as a table throw or banner stand.

Who is Attending?

It’s important to first figure out who will be in attendance: that includes clients, potential prospects, collaborators, and even competitors. You should look to see if there is any sort of attendee list or roster available from the event hosts.

If you can obtain this information, try to figure out if your company can make anyone’s experience there more personalized. That both shows initiative on your part and can end up being the difference maker in obtaining new clients or consumers.

Prepare Your Marketing Team

Your marketing team needs as much prep as possible, as it’s up to them to bridge the gaps and ultimately raise interest about your service or brand. Make sure to have them spend some time practicing things such as pitches or answering mock questions that someone may bring up so that they are ready for anything.

Something that also needs to be ready for your team is their inventory. Make a list of things they’ll need, such as display items or marketing materials.

Ideate Lead Generation Techniques: Freebies, Contests, & Games

Who doesn’t love free stuff? In all honesty, having some free items or hosting some sort of contest or game draws in more people from a crowd while presenting your marketers a window of opportunity to promote your company.

This is where creativity can shine! Have some freebies that display your brand’s name or logo, create a drawing that has people’s names so that you can reach out to them after the event, or attract an audience with something like a wheel to spin.

Design a Captivating, Memorable, & Unignorable Trade Show Display

First impressions are important, so you want to be able to look good and stand out from competition. There are a few ways to do this that Infusion Displays can help your business out with.

If you want your table to showcase your logo while also hiding away materials underneath, then a table throw is a good choice. You could also choose to utilize a retractable banner stand next to your booth if you have a little bit more wiggle room.

Prepare for Your First Trade Show with Infusion Displays

Getting ready for your first trade show is made easy with Infusion Displays. Our line of marketing materials are custom made to show off your company’s design or service so that you can focus on having a successful event.
Contact us with any questions you may have on our online store, and a representative from our team will be happy to help you out.