How to Use Pop-Up Banners for Trade Show Displays

How to Use Pop-Up Banners for Trade Show Displays

Posted by Infusion Displays on 21st Feb 2023

How to Use Pop-Up Banners for Trade Show Displays

If you’re a company or brand that’s going to be participating in an upcoming trade show, a pop-up banner is a must have item to bring along with you. Easy to set up and well worth the investment, your pop-up banner can create the perfect backdrop or focal point for your display.

How Do Pop-Up Banners Work?

This on-the-go marketing display idea is ideal for making an immediate statement at a trade show or expo. Pop-up banners usually start out around 36 inches wide or so and can extend all the way to a 60+ inches exhibit.

A tabletop retractable banner functions by rolling the banner portion of the product into a base or housing by way of a spring to close it up. The unit can be simply pulled out or popped up, hooking to the top of the stand for a quick display.

How to Use Trade Show Pop-Up Banners for Event Displays

There are a number of different ways that you can utilize a pop-up banner for your trade show event display. Consider the amount of space that you have to work with, how many tables you have and the other items that you’re going to be working with. Some additional considerations include:

1. Determine Why You Need a Tabletop Retractable Banner

Are you interested in a tabletop retractable banner to advertise a temporary sale or advertisement? Maybe this is part of your sales presentation, giving you the opportunity to boldly share certain information with the people that visit your booth.

There are all kinds of ways that you can use a tabletop retractable banner to both gain attention and entertain your target audience during an event.

2. Design a Captivating Trade Show Display

You want your trade show display to look professional, as a positive reflection of your brand or business. You can use a banner on your pop-up display to gain immediate attention.

Ask a question, or address a pain point that people can relate to. Ideally, you want to include graphics and information that will catch the eye of visitors, while also leaving a lasting impression.

Make sure that you include your company logo and a QR code on your pop-up banner. This is an ultra-fast way to take people right to your website or landing page. If you’re busy talking to someone else, this is a way of communicating with people before they walk away.

3. Engage with Attendees

The goal of a trade show is to engage with as many attendees as possible. Since you can only shake so many hands and touch base with so many people, your pop-up banner can be used as a way to entertain people that are coming by. You can also use your banner to offer contact information, your website, etc.

Design a Profitable Pop-Up Banner with Infusion Displays

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