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How Trade Show Table Covers Attract Customers

How Trade Show Table Covers Attract Customers

Posted by Infusion Displays on 17th Aug 2022

A trade show is a great opportunity to get in front of potential customers and make a lasting impression. In fact, 90% of event participants report that they attend trade shows specifically to find new products or services.

And one of the best ways to catch the eye of your target consumer is by using a table cover. These unsung heroes of the experiential marketing world do much more than simply cover a bare table.

Covers come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, so there are plenty of ways to get creative. Here, at Infusion Displays, our team of design experts determined the 5 main ways that table covers boost engagement at trade shows.

5 Ways Your Trade Show Table Cover Attracts Customers

But how do you use a trade show table cover to attract customers and boost sales? Here are five ways that your trade show table cover is more than just a tablecloth:

  1. It reinforces your branding.
  2. It boosts the aesthetic appeal of your booth.
  3. It contributes to your brand experience.
  4. It provides product/service information.
  5. It can support without stealing the spotlight.

1. It Reinforces Your Branding

Did you know that trade show attendees spend over 8 hours, on average, visiting booths and displays? A well-designed table cover should feature your company’s colors, logo, and any other key branding elements. This creates a cohesive look that reinforces your brand identity and makes it easy for customers to remember you after the event.

2. It Boosts the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Booth

Let’s face it: first impressions matter. And a drab, bare table is not going to make a great impression on potential customers. A vibrant and captivating table cover, however, will definitely empower your booth to outclass your competitors.

3. It Contributes to Your Brand Experience

A table cover is an excellent way to get creative and contribute to the overall brand experience you’re looking to create. Over 50% of attendees indicate that they’re much more likely to engage if a booth offers giveaways and freebies. Print trivia questions on your table cloth to gamify the giveaway.

4. It Provides Product/Service Information

In addition to your company name and logo, a table cover is an ideal place to share key product or service information. Use infographics, images, or even QR codes to give attendees a snapshot of what you have to offer. This is an effective way to capture the attention of customers and ensure they remember key details about what you offer.

5. It Can Support Without Stealing the Spotlight

In some cases, you may want your product or service to take center stage. A table cover can do this while still providing support for your brand identity. Use a more subtle design or a solid color that won’t compete with your product display.

Attract More with Event Table Covers from Infusion Displays

It may be surprising, but the simple table cover offers nearly infinite possibilities for engaging with your target clientele. To design the perfect trade show table cover to attract more customers, reach out to our team today.