Retractable Banners vs. Tension Banners

Retractable Banners vs. Tension Banners

Posted by Infusion Displays on 8th Feb 2023

Banners are excellent for advertising products and services during exhibitions and corporate events. When selecting the most suitable banner, there are a number of factors that come into play.

Often it depends on affordability, location, and the objective of the marketing and sales teams. Some craftspeople and machinists prefer retractable banners, while others go for tension banners.

In this article, the trade show display experts at Infusion Display compare tension banners to retractable banners. What are they? What are their applications, and which should you use at your next experiential marketing event?

Tension Banners vs. Retractable Banners: Which is Better?

Companies of all types use tension and retractable banners for marketing and branding at trade shows and conventions. However, to use them effectively, you must know understand their differences and their ideal applications.

What is a Tension Fabric Display?

A tension fabric display is a visual tool that features polyester material with graphics for advertisement. The fabric is stretched smoothly over an aluminium frame, creating a professional and clean look. They are commonly used in offices, airports, retail stores, or media events.

How Can You Use Tension Banners at Trade Shows?

At retail stores, you can rely on tension banners to highlight the pain points of potential customers. This marketing tactic will help convert any potential sale into profits. They are also excellent at bringing out different game-playing elements, whether point scoring, competition, or rules, to increase engagement among your audience.

Often, businesses go for tension banners to provide product or service demonstrations. It’s beneficial if you want to help customers familiarize themselves with the step-by-step process of using your product. You can also rely on them to display herd mentality from satisfied clients. The social proof will automatically bring validation to your product.

However, the best way to gain validation is by revealing industry knowledge. It immediately establishes your authority in the industry.

What is a Retractable Banner?

A retractable banner also called a roll-up banner, has a spring-like feature and display stands that pop up a graphic banner. The mechanical spring pulls the graphic banner on a roller and stores it in the base. You can easily roll the banner downwards from the base (also called the housing) until it’s completely open.

How Can You Use a Retractable Banner at Marketing Events?

Always stay ready to showcase your brand at conventions or tradeshows using a roll-up banner. The compact, user-friendly banner is excellent to help you captivate small and large audiences alike. Make sure you select the appropriate banner size to boost your marketing strategy.

There are different inches of retractable banners. You should go for the largest banner to achieve maximum impact in a high-traffic area. You can rely on it to provide direction or create awareness.

To provide more information, you should go for a 36-inch roll-up banner. Businesses use the 24-inch retractable banner for presentations. It’s also excellent for doorways and drooping on ceilings

Conclusion: When to Choose a Tension or Retractable Banner

As much as tension banners can be used interchangeably with retractable banners, they are more suitable for stationary advertisement. Retractable banners are particularly ideal for their mobility.

You can use either as informational displays or for navigational purposes at trade shows and events. Best of all, both are excellent tools for showcasing catchy messages that motivate engagement from your target audience.

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