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Trade Show Banner Types and Uses

Trade Show Banner Types and Uses

Posted by Infusion Displays on 26th Jul 2022

One of the most important elements when it comes to setting up at expos, trade shows, or any sort of event is having a good display. A great way to show off your product or service in a simple yet effective way is to use a banner.

Banners are great for having short phrases or bullet points that highlight the important information you want people walking by to know. It can also create interest in your company and ultimately have more people approach your display.

Infusion Displays has both the experience and knowledge to help make sure you select the right banner type for your business. Whether you’re a company trying to sell a product or you’re showing off a display at a trade show, having the right way to showcase that information is what we’re here to do.

Top 5 Types of Trade Show Displays

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the type of display you wish to utilize. Certain displays are better suited for certain situations than others, so we compiled a list of the top five types for you to choose from.

5. Tension Fabric Displays

These are lightweight displays that are easy to set up and customize to the size you’re looking for. Tension fabric displays are also the most cost efficient than most of the other banner types.

4. Hanging Trade Show Displays

It’ll be next to impossible to not be seen at your next convention with a hanging trade show display. These large banners are around 10 feet wide.

3. Trade Show Canopies & Tents

Trade show canopies and tents are ideal for those who will be working at outdoor events or trade shows. It will allow you to display your company logo in a much larger way while protecting your team and equipment from the elements such as rain.

2. Pop-Up Displays for Portable Event Exhibits

An easy to set up display for those times you need to set up quickly, efficiently, and still showcase your products or services, a pop-up display is a very popular choice amongst trade show banners. These may include banners, table skirts, and hanging signs.

1. Classic Banner Stands for Exhibition Displays

There’s nothing wrong with going for a classic approach, which is why the classic banner stand is our number one choice. They are both reliable and affordable, and there’s several options to choose from to help pick the exact banner stand that your company may need:

  • Indoor Banner Stands
  • Outdoor Banner Stands
  • Horizontal Banner Stands
  • Vertical Banner Stands
  • Retractable Banner Stands

Find All Types of Exhibition Displays at Infusion Displays

Infusion Displays has the perfect type of exhibition display for your business. Find a custom designed marketing tool that will elevate your marketing team’s success and create more ROI than ever before.
Our team is ready, should you have any questions or concerns. To take the next step in having more success at events, reach out to our team today.