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3 Table Cap Designs for Your Next Tradeshow

3 Table Cap Designs for Your Next Tradeshow

Posted by Infusion Displays on 10th Oct 2022

Tradeshow Table Cap Designs Ideas

If you’re looking to create a lasting impression at your next trade show, one of the best things you can do is design an eye-catching table cap. Table caps provide you with a unique opportunity to showcase your brand, and engage customers in a fun and informal setting.

At Infusion Displays, we’ve collaborated with a wide variety of diverse businesses. Together, we’ve designed innovative and captivating convention displays.

In this article, our design experts take a look at some of the best tips for creating an unforgettable table cap. We’ll also discuss what to consider when choosing a table cap design for your next event.

Top 3 Best Table Cap Designs for Your Trade Show Display

When it comes to designing a table cap, there are a few key elements that you’ll want to keep in mind. First and foremost, your table cap should be reflective of your brand.

This means choosing a design that is in line with your company’s aesthetic. Another important element to consider is the function of your table cap.

What exactly do you want your table cap to do? Here are 3 unique ideas we have for elevating the effectiveness of your experiential marketing strategy:

  1. Play “Soda Pong” for Free Prizes!
  2. Solve the Puzzle for Access to Exclusive Discounts!
  3. Learn “Pro Tips” About Your Favorite Products!

1. Play “Soda Pong” for Free Prizes!

There are many variations of this popular game, but the objective is to throw a ping pong ball from one end of the table, and into a cup of soda at the other end. You can print your table cap to display the proper cup placement and rules of the game.

Then, you can challenge event goers to score a certain number of goals within a limited number of throws. The better they do, the better the swag they receive!

This is an effective way to gamify your customer experience and leave a lasting impression. Use water or energy drinks to help promote hydration!

2. Solve the Puzzle for Access to Exclusive Discounts!

Another creative way to offer a memorable experience is to print brand- and product-relevant puzzles on your table cap. Similar to the previous entry, you can offer better rewards for better performance!

Offer extra attempts for struggling contestants in exchange for their contact information and communication consent. And now you’ve got lead generation going.

3. Learn “Pro Tips” About Your Favorite Products!

To find the most qualified leads, print “pro tips” on your table cap. That way, you know that the people who engage with you are either loyal customers or bottom-of-the-funnel leads.

Alternatively, you can print common “pain points” on the table cap. Then, your marketing team can demonstrate the solution to anyone who inquires about those issues.

Find the Best Table Cap Designs for an Infusion Display

Whatever design you choose, we recommend that you aim for beauty, functionality, and individuality. To find the best table cap for your next trade show appearance, reach out to our team today.