Table Caps: Custom Stretch Table Toppers for Expos & Events

Attending an expo or any sort of event can be challenging. The importance of drawing potential customers, investors, or clients involves a lot of work.


With so many people gathered in one space, how can your business or trade bring them in? There are many elements to consider, but ultimately, your first impression is arguably the most important step. 


Infusion Displays is here to help simplify one large aspect of this process: presentation. Your table can be your art canvas to show your company off, and a great way to do this is with a custom stretch table topper. 

What is a Trade Show Table Topper for?

The purpose of a table topper is to demonstrate your brand through imagery, iconography, and other captivating visuals, so there are several benefits and advantages to buying. Whether you’re showing off an item at a trade show, or announcing a new breakthrough at an industry convention, you’ll want to ensure that your table has something special to it if you hope to ensure that you and your brand remain memorable. 

Use a Table Cap to Complement & Amplify Your Event Display

Standing out at a convention or event starts with how you present yourself. A trade show table topper is the perfect way to make a good first impression. Draw in the attention of the crowd with a customized table cap from Infusion Displays.


Table caps are quick and easy to set up, with the corners being taut and easy to stretch across your surface. That’s because every table cap is made of both backlit and stretch fabric that allows for product longevity while maintaining the design’s appearance. 


The 6-foot Stretch Table Cap is a popular choice for those bringing plastic folding tables, as they fit perfectly on top without stretching out the material. For those in need of a larger size, this product also comes in an 8-foot option fit for longer tables. 

Customize a Tabletop Cap to Attract Attendees & Spotlight Products

Being able to customize and design your tabletop cap is another benefit of selecting one from us here at Infusion Displays. You’ll be able to match with your company’s color scheme with ease or amplify said company’s logo across the table of your choosing.


If you’re set to talk about a featured product or service, a table cap can be created to amplify that product or service. Get creative with how you approach this idea, whether it’s finding colors to make an item sitting on the table stand out more, or perhaps implementing images into the table cap that help to explain your service. 

Captivate with an Event Table Cap for Your Infusion Display

Infusion Displays is here to offer affordable and customizable table cap designs fit for your business events and conferences. We strive to make your logo or brand pop off the material and stand out from the competition. 

Contact Us today with any questions that may arise during your shopping experience. We also have our FAQ page available to new customers to our store.