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Table Caps or Stretch Table Covers? What is the Difference?

Table Caps or Stretch Table Covers? What is the Difference?

Posted by LogoInfusion on 17th Aug 2022

When it comes to designing the perfect trade show booth, your options are truly limitless. Consider your table, for example; there are several different ways that you can cover and decorate your trade show table.

But, as a kid at a candy store can tell you, too many options can be overwhelming. Like, what’s the difference between trade show table caps and stretch table covers?

Well, at Infusion Displays, we’ve been designing display fabrics for almost 15 years. In this article, we help you to understand the difference between these similar products, and how to use them effectively.

What is the Difference Between Table Caps & Stretch Table Covers?

The difference between fitted table caps and stretch table covers comes down to what is covered. Table caps are like shower caps for tables: they cover only the head (the top).

Rather than draping your table, these trade show supplies wrap snugly around the surface of the table. Stretch table covers are similar to table caps in their snug fit, but these are like shower caps for the whole body.

These contour table covers envelop the entire table, covering the legs as well as the surface. As you can imagine, you can make major creative decisions based on these minor differences.

Fitted Table Caps vs. Contour Table Covers

Though minor, these differences impact how your table contributes to the design and purpose of your event display. The one you choose can alter the aesthetics of your trade show booth and provide practical advantages for your experiential marketing team.

A stretch table cover provides ample space for branding, advertising, or event-specific copy and imagery. It also offers the perfect privacy for storing the empty boxes and containers that your team used to carry in their marketing materials.

Table caps, on the other hand, offer no such privacy. Instead, these are perfect for allowing your visitors to sit or stand closer to the table. Also, if the presentation requires props and visual aids, then your team can place and access simple storage systems from under the table.

How to Design Your Trade Show Booth Around Table Caps & Covers

At Infusion Displays, we like to find practical reasons for choosing one trade show supply over an alternative. That way, your decision between table caps and stretch table covers complements your overall objectives.

Fitted caps are perfect for event booths that offer a more active experience. So, while we like a bold, branded stretch table cloth for presentations, table caps are ideal when we want to welcome audience participation.

Alternatively, the artificial distance that stretch covers create can be great for establishing a mysterious allure. By suggesting that there’s something curious just out of view, your team has the perfect environment to surprise and delight with your product.

Cap Off Your Perfect Trade Show Booth with Infusion Displays

From fitted caps to stretch covers, we have the trade show and event supplies that you need. To find the design the best display for your display, reach out to our team today.