Display Stands for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, & Events

Are you looking for the best way to stand out at a trade show, convention, expo or exhibition? The answer is simple: marketing displays.

Trade show display stands are an affordable and functional way to promote your business while also providing a memorable experience for attendees. Their versatility enables almost infinite applications, from announcing new products or services to assisting your target audience in finding your booth.

Good news! With Infusion Displays by Logo Infusion, you’re empowered to attract, lead, and convert your ideal prospects. Best of all, you can design your custom display stands to ensure they maximize the reach of your branding.

Display Stands Ideas

At Logo Infusion, we have substantial experience in custom printing the perfect visual marketing materials for large and small businesses. With our expansive catalog of diverse display stands, you can choose from various styles of retail displays to find the exact type of display that is best suited for your needs.

To do this, we collaborate with you to ideate and develop the ideal imagery for your company, your audience, or the forum in which you meet. The truth is that your design is only limited by your creativity.

With the right idea, you can elevate your trade show display booth to center stage. One of the most versatile, effective, and ubiquitous solutions is the reliable a-frame stand.

What is an A-Frame Display Stand?

An A-Frame Sign Stand is a freestanding display that forms the letter “A” when deployed. It is often used as a point-of-purchase display and is commonly seen in retail stores.

This type of marketing display stand is perfect for trade shows and events. They’re made of durable yet lightweight materials, which maximizes usability, portability, and reliability.

They can be easily assembled, and their messaging can be customized for optimal results. This is beneficial, since trade shows, expos, conventions, exhibitions, and other events can require a range of various marketing materials.

Trade Show Display Ideas for Captivating Your Target Audience

As mentioned, exhibit displays are nothing if not versatile. Among their many applications, retail display stands can be used to:

  • Spread awareness of your brand
  • Spotlight your key products & services
  • Announce your unique value proposition
  • Assist your target audience in navigating to your location
  • Facilitate efficient access to your online storefront

One great tactic is to strategically employ QR codes throughout the venue. These can lead to minigames and ARGs, product pages, or signup forms for exclusive events.

Demand Attention with Event Displays from Infusion Displays

Event signage, such as a-frame stands, empower large and small businesses to communicate effectively with their target market. At Logo Infusion, we work tirelessly to help you avoid common mistakes made by many small businesses.

Some businesses may underestimate the value of these tools. This leads marketing managers to inexperienced print shops, uninspired design ideas, and disappointing results.

Collaborate with a reliable printing team and you can captivate at trade shows, conventions, expos, exhibitions, and other experiential marketing events. To get started on your custom display stands, reach out to our team today.