Trade Show Table Throws: Customize Your Event Display

Standing out at a conference or expo comes down to the presentation of your table. You’ll want something that displays your brand or service while also drawing attention to the colors and design.


A table throw is an ideal option. With several types that fit to the style and convenience of what you may be shopping for, table throws can really be a difference maker for drawing in customers or clients. 


Find your next trade show table throw with Infusion Displays. Our team is here to create custom and affordable products to make your booth or display tables pop out and be unique from the competition. 

Use Fitted Table Throws for a Sleeker Trade Show Booth

If you’re searching for a snug fit for your display table, a fitted table throw may be what you want. This will give your booth or display area a polished look while also making it easier to hide supplies from a wandering viewer’s eye.


A fitted table throw is best suited for both indoor and conventions. We recommend the  4ft. fitted table throw featured on our website for those looking for the best deal, but larger size options are available. 

Choose Loose Table Throws for Swift Set-Up & Removal

Setting up and cleaning after an event are arguably the most time consuming and irksome parts of being at an event. If you want to still be unique while having an easier time with set-up and removal, a loose table throw is the best choice.


Loose table throws will move around a bit in an outdoor environment, so it’s recommended that you use this for smaller, indoor conventions and trade shows. A heavy table weight or item will hold it down effectively should you choose to bring one on a windy day. 

Select a Stretch Table Throw for Exceptional Adaptability

The stretch table throw is the Swiss-army knife of table throws. It fits perfectly around the table while securing itself to the legs, allowing for extra products to be covered while displaying a brand or company with a taut fit.


Select the most popular choice of stretch table throws with the 6-foot table throw on our website. It’ll cover all four sides of the table and can be pulled around a bit for unconventional sizes and shapes. As with each previous product, we offer smaller and larger sizes to accommodate for varying table lengths and widths. 


Attract Guests with Custom Table Throws from Infusion Displays

For affordable, customizable, and adaptable table throws, look no further than the line of products available at Infusion Displays. Your business logo will not only be the feature of each item, but it will catch the attention of everyone at expos, trade shows, and large gatherings. 


If you have any questions or are looking for more information, be sure to visit our website and contact us. Our team is ready to help fulfill your logo design needs and prepare for you to be the star of the show at every future business event.