Trade Show Table Runners & Custom Printing at Infusion Displays

Trade shows and events are a great way to promote your business, but they can require proactive planning. Your appearance at local events must provide a customer experience that is consistent with your branding and voice.

One of the most economical ways to stand out at the next event is by using custom table runners. Table runners are inexpensive and easy to transport; they also come in many sizes and colors so you can customize them for any occasion.

Fortunately, at Infusion Displays, we offer runners in a range of sizes so that you can design the perfect event booth. Whether you’re making your debut at an industry convention or expanding your display to command more space and attention.

Custom Table Runners for Trade Shows & Events

When choosing, consider the dimensions of the space, what kind of branding statement you want to make, and how you can best differentiate yourself from your competition. This will empower you to develop the perfect display for your needs.

What are Table Runners Used For?

Table runners are used to complement the decor of the setting. At trade shows and expos, this can mean an additional option for optimizing your branding and display aesthetics.

With the right creative idea, you’ll have no problem designing a little pizzazz. One great idea is to make it interactive.

For example, try using a custom table runner as an interactive game board or map to really get the people talking. Alternatively, if you’re launching a new product, let people vote on their favorite color or design with post-it notes placed right on the table runner.

How Do You Display Table Runners for an Event?

Table runners are typically draped lengthwise down the center of a table. This provides business owners an additional tool for designing a memorable trade show booth.

For example, you can use a table cover as your canvas for branding and attention-grabbing copy. Then, you can print product information on the runner, right in the locations where you’ll be placing your demo products.

Better still, if your product catalog sees regular updates, it may be more convenient to replace the runners rather than the table cloth. This strategy means that you’re optimizing the space you have to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

Should a Table Runner Hang Over the Table?

Good news! The length of your table runner is really only dependent on your needs, and the vision you have for your event display.

At Infusion Displays, we offer runners in four sizes:

Do You Use a Table Runner with a Tablecloth?

Runners are versatile and look great whether they are paired with tablecloths or not. If your event tables are already branded, then it could serve you well to use a table runner on its own.


Be Distinct with Custom Event Table Runners at Infusion Displays

Empower your brand to be distinctive at the next industry event with custom trade show table covers. To design your own Infusion Display powered by Logo Infusion, reach out to our team today.