X-Frame Banner Stands: Portable Displays for Events

If you are a business owner, then you know about the importance of advertising your company. You may have spent thousands of dollars on traditional media ads or even more money on print ads in magazines and newspapers.

But do these advertisements really work? The answer is…yes, they can if they’re done right. And one type of advertisement that’s becoming much more popular with businesses is X-Style Banner Stands because this form of advertising has proven to be effective for many companies.

Fortunately, at Infusion Displays, we offer an expansive catalog of diverse banners that are perfect for X-frame stands. That way, you can spend less time searching, and more time designing your perfect display.

X-Style Banner Stands: Perfect for Tradeshows & Expos

One reason why these work so well is because X-Frame Banner Stands are ideal for use at many types of events. These can include trade shows, expositions, conferences, and conventions — basically, anywhere there are high concentrations of people who will see them immediately.

This style advertises in real time which is very important in this digital age. However, there is one mistake that many business owners make with X-Style Banner Stands and that’s not having an eye-catching design.

If your banner stand doesn’t stand out, then it’s not going to be effective in getting people to notice your company. So when searching for an X-Frame Banner Stand, make sure you have a great design that will catch people’s attention.

What is an X Banner Stand?

X-style stands are a type of platform for displaying large graphics, such as announcements, advertisements, or directions. Due to their exceptional portability and versatility, they are perfect for tradeshows, expos, and conventions.

The large arms that form the ‘X’ from which these stands take their name can be adjusted in length and direction. This provides a wide range of possibilities for displaying banners of various sizes and shapes, including square, vertical rectangles, and horizontal rectangles.

What is the Size of an X Stand Banner?

One of the great features of an X-style frame is that it can be adjusted to fit print media of diverse sizes. If your banner stand has arms that extend to 5-feet, then you can display a banner that is up to 5 feet in height or length.

This means it’s important to check the size of your stands before ordering printed media. You can confirm the maximum length of the arms, and familiarize yourself with the mechanisms for adjusting the stand for different displays.


Maximize Portability with X Banner Stands from Infusion Displays

If there’s anything that an experiential marketer knows, it’s that mobility is vital. Materials are often reused from event to event, of course, but you can also never anticipate when you might need to move your displays to intercept the flow of traffic of your intended audience.

Being able to break-down, move, and reset your displays efficiently is invaluable. Even better, the knowledge that your highly mobile stand can adjust to different size and shape demands will take a load off your stress.

And we all know that more stress is hardly welcome. To build your own Infusion Display powered by Logo Infusion, reach out to our team today.