How are Trade Show Table Covers Used?

How are Trade Show Table Covers Used?

Posted by Infusion Displays on 15th Nov 2022

Your brand is everything, so everything you use for marketing needs to be in alignment with your brand. Upon seeing your table, people should either recognize your brand instantly, or realize who you are without prior introduction because your table cover clearly conveys what your business is all about.

Whether you are seeking something for a convention, trade show, expo or another type of event, consider your tables covered. Let’s get started in choosing the right table cover style for your business.

How to Use Your Table Covers at a Trade Show

There is much that trade show table covers can do for your display, but first and foremost, table covers serve to identify your business. You need something that is both professional and that will set your business apart.

This is why we offer a selection of options to boldly display your logo and designs in vivid colors to provide a look that is purely yours. We also have a wide range of types of table covers: loose table throws, fitted table throws, table caps and table runners.

Table covers are more than just an attractive covering that engages your customers. Table covers are an investment that help to exponentially increase your ROI.

Is a Table Cover Necessary for a Trade Show Display?

Absolutely. People are visual creatures. You might have awesome products and services, but people won’t know about either one unless you properly showcase what your business has to offer.

Without a table cover to pique a potential customer’s interest, they will walk on by without saying so much as a “hello.” To ensure your next event is a success, consider these three absolutes to engage your customers.

What are the Different Types of Table Covers?

There are 4 main categories of trade show table cover:

Table Runners

Table runners are a simple, yet effective, way to show customers what your business is all about. At the very least, you want to cover your table with effective advertising.

At the very most, you want to create a meaningful relationship with a dedicated customer. Table covers achieve both. If you want to step up your marketing efforts to the next level, consider the following options.

Table Caps

Table caps provide a glove-like fit on top of tables, like a fitted sheet. If you need to showcase products under your table and need more of a tidy space, table caps can provide your table with a customized look.

Fitted Table Throws

Fitted table throws provide a fitted look to provide precise lines, without experiencing wrinkles. In addition, fitted table throws help to avoid slippage so everything can stay put. If you need to grab potential customers’ attention from far away, this table cover might be a good fit for you.

Loose Table Throws

Loose table throws create flow. If you have a logo or design that flows and can be shown three-dimensionally without disturbing the look you’re going for, these are ideal.

Also, table covers that hang down provide advertising to potential customers from all sides. Each type of table cover is printed in a strategic manner so that your logo can be effectively seen from different angles.

Learn How to Use Your Trade Show Table Covers at Infusion Display

Setting up for success has ever been so easy. With your customized table cover, you can set up quickly to engage with your customers. To learn more about increasing your success at your next event, reach out to our team today.